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nerd, tech junkie and motorcyclist

Let's sort it out - I'm really into tech stuff. Constently trying out new applications, operating systems - creating or optimising scripts and websites, that's what makes me happy and keeps me on track.

linux OS

debian, ubuntu, manjaro, elementaryOS and much more!


MySQL, MariaDB, mongoDB, PostgreSQL


Docker, Kubernetes

Super Flexible

From the ground up, with many plugin hooks, Grav is extremely extensible

Abundant Plugins

A vibrant developer community means 200+ plugins available to download

Free / Open Source

Grav is an open source project, so you can spend your money on other stuff

My Projects Unchained!

Nextcloud, Graylog or other Open Source applications are on my private Proxmox server. You'll find all my public projects on this site or on my GitHub / GitLab page.

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Stuffed Full of Features

Check out small smattering...

Markdown Syntax
Twig Templating
Smart Caching
Flexible Taxonomies
Simple Install
Powerful Plugins
Intuitive UI
Users & Roles
Image Processing
On Github
Responsive Design
CLI Power